Death Cap – the Most Dangerous Mushrooms

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Scientifically known as Amanita phalloides, these Death Cap mushrooms are the deadliest mushrooms among all the poisonous ones. These mushrooms are included to the phylum Basidiomycete. It is widely distributed across the North and South America as well as in the entire Europe. Every year, Death Cap mushrooms kill an enormous number of people because initially people don’t understand their problem and go without any treatment. The symptoms generally develop within 6 to 24 hours and in this period, the victim will suffer from vomiting, abdominal cramps and in the worst case he will experience dehydrating diarrhea. Due to this delay, victim don’t understand what caused these problems.

In the meanwhile, as the time progresses, the poison starts to destroy the liver and disables the enzymes which are responsible for building proteins and in absence of these proteins, cells begin to function improperly and as a consequence, the liver collapse. To face the death, a few mouthfuls of this fungus can result in a terrible death.

Another horrifying fact is that the Death Cap mushrooms are quite difficult to identify as it is somewhat similar to most of the beneficial fungi. To get fresh mushrooms, you can buy mushrooms Canada online because they provide the fresh and healthiest mushrooms. Often, they are regarded as the magic mushroom online Canada.

Interestingly most of the people who have experienced these deadly mushrooms have stated that the taste of these mushrooms is quite delicious than others. Do you know what is the toxin that these mushrooms actually contain that are so lethal to us?

It is the Amatoxins which cannot be destroyed because it is heat resistant. So, cooking these fungi with high temperature is not going to detoxify the amatoxins. The appearance of these fungi is quite strange, and one may easily take it as a healthy one. In California, several immigrants have these Death Cap fungi with the edible and healthy mushrooms Volvariella volvacea.

What happens if you directly absorb the amatoxins?

As soon as you ingest the amatoxins, 60% of the absorbed toxins will transport to the liver and poison it. The healthy cells of the liver and soon the toxins begin to get concentrated in the gall bladder which further is released into the gut. At the end of the small intestine, the amatoxins again enter into the liver through the absorption and the cycle of poisoning gets repeated. Silibinin, a drug has been derived which is supposed to reduce the toxic effect of amatoxin. The research still is not published, because only 60 patients are not sufficient to assure that Silibinin can be an efficient treatment for amatoxin.

However, 60 patients who had been supplied with silibinin within 96 hours, have lived from the poisoning though there were a few who didn’t survive from the amatoxins. After ingesting the amatoxins, patients immediately experience their renal failure because of two reasons – Either the patients are too late, and their kidney is shut down already or the patients are not aggressively hydrated sufficiently by the physicians. Magic mushroom online Canada can provide the safest mushroom to their consumers as they are trustworthy and reliable.

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