Some Common Mushrooms around Us

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These mushrooms have long stems and small caps. At first glance, they look like bean sprouts, but taste much better. They are widely used in Asian cuisine and are offered fresh and canned. Because they are crispy, they keep well in soups and mix well in salads. They are from Japan and delicious. You will know about the poisonous mushrooms from here.

2. Shiitake:

Shiitake mushrooms can be found in “mushrooms Canada”, and you can grow them mainly in Japan, China and Korea, which partly explains their dominance in Asian cuisine. They are tasty and meaty and give the dishes a umami taste. Shiitakes can be used to garnish meat dishes and to improve soups and sauces. And if you do not find the Shiitake in your supermarket, but still want to have the taste, look for it in powder form.

3. Oyster:

Oysters are perhaps one of the most intimidating mushrooms because they do not look like ordinary mushrooms. But do not worry, they are easy to prepare and offer a delicate and sweet taste. Depending on the season, oysters may even have a similar flavor to anise. This fungus, which takes its name from its similarity to shells of water, can easily be bred, making it one of the most affordable mushroom species.

4. button:

The mushrooms most commonly found in supermarkets are also known as white mushrooms. They are harvested at a young age, have a very subtle and earthy taste and are available year round.


A meaty mushroom similar to Portobello, porcini is often used in Italian cuisine. It is slightly nutty and creamy and has a flavor that has been compared to sourdough. Light brown boletus can have a diameter of 1 to 10 inches. They are fresh, dried and sold in tins. If you use dried porcini, place it in hot water for at least 15 minutes before cooking.

6.for the forest:

These delicate and flowery mushrooms are also known as maitake – which means Japanese “mushroom dance” – and are full of flavor. They are rich, earthy and dreamy enough. They grow at the base of trees, especially oaks, and are used in Japanese and Western cuisine. They retain their shape while cooking and are therefore perfect for soups and stir-fries. You can get to mushrooms Canada for receiving the quality mushrooms.

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