Types of Common Mushrooms You Must Know

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Where do we start with mushrooms? They go from the beautiful to the grotesque. They can even be magical. You have the opportunity to give our dishes a depth of taste that is otherwise inaccessible. But most of us buy mushrooms in the store, without really understanding the difference between big and small. You can also grow mushrooms in your lawn and to get the fresh strain, you can mail order mushrooms.

For some of us, this means occasionally taking a new variety and throwing it in a homemade dish. For others, this means sticking to what we know, the good old white mushroom. And although there is nothing wrong with this common mushroom, sometimes it is just a bit boring. Now that most grocery stores have fleshy shiitake and flowery chanterelles, how can we not take this opportunity for a culinary exploration?

Mushrooms should not be a mystery. Instead of keeping you in the dark, we enlighten our mushroom friends. Here is our guide to all types of mushrooms you need to know:


It is easy to believe that these mushrooms have a light floral note – their appearance suggests it. The chanterelles, known for their brilliant golden color (but also in different nuances), are fruity and peppery. They have a delicate aroma and a delicate texture, are well suited as a side dish and mix well with eggs. Chanterelles last longer than most mushrooms in the fridge – up to 10 days. They have a high moisture content. Once cooked, they must therefore be prepared in a dry jump as they quickly release their own water.


Cremini, also sold as a Baby Portobello, is a riper white mushroom. They have the same shape, maybe a bit larger, but there is a noticeable difference: the creams are lightly shaded brown. They have a mild mushroom taste and are an excellent substitute for the white buttons of your favorite recipes, as they give a deeper taste.


That may not be nice, but this mushroom is delicious and tasty. Although it looks like a dead honeycomb, it is full of flavor and deserves to overcome your fear of the ugly. Pop-up spring in and around forest edges and can sell up to $ 20 a pound. They are a bit tough and have a good butter-fried taste.


If you like mushrooms, go to the postage bill. This fungus is the most mature stage of the white mushroom whose cap is fully developed. Portobello is sweet in taste, but has a meaty consistency. It replaces meat very well in certain dishes and is particularly sensitive to grilling.

Mail order mushrooms can aid you to get the common and the mushrooms that you need most.

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